Who katie perry dating

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Who katie perry dating

DO YOU THINK Katy Perry and John Mayer make a cute couple? They dated for 10 months before taking a break to get some space in February, but now it looks like they’ve decided to pick up where they left off.In 2009, Perry broke up with him via email, but stated his drug use as the cause.Mc Coy confirmed her reasons, admitting that he chose drugs over their relationship.Could it be that "The One That Got Away" from the singer, is back in her life?On Thursday, Bloom shared a "throwback back Thursday" shirtless photo on Instagram that he said dated back to when he got ripped for the 2013 movie actor explained that he kept the picture, "Not JUST for vanity but as a lil reminder that I got to that place and I know how to get to that place when I need to go to that place." Of course, his followers were also very appreciative that he decided to hang on to this picture — including ex-girlfriend, Perry."Oh hey I was actually looking for a washboard to do [my] laundry on," Perry commented, referencing Bloom's prominent abs.Since Bloom mentioned in his Instagram that he's "heading back in that [physique] direction" for his upcoming movie Based on photo evidence and rumors, it's generally believed that Perry and Bloom began dating in early 2016, after they were seen dancing at a Golden Globes party in January of that year.

Judging by a particularly flirty Instagram comment, it seems as though Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are trying again to make things work.

He even had a chance to date Perry in 2012, but it didn’t last long.

The couple seemed to be on and off every few months!

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom had dinner with friends in Silver Lake Thursday night, but left alone in his car which means, if you couldn't tell by now -- they're totally banging!

They've been inseparable since hitting it off at a Golden Globes party in January, even taking in last week's Adele concert together.

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Bloom also joined Perry on her Witness World Tour this week in Tokyo.

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