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Visual basic validating fields

AND Record Change Complete Recordset Change Complete Move Complete So With all these events I am a bit lost ...

Have found some code that test events in the Will Change Record which I will attach here and is actually giving me trouble.

But if at any time the user answers 'No', then do a 'Roll Back' and refresh the record.

All database changes since the Begin Transaction should automatically be undone.

The default value for this property is True, so you don't have to modify it for the other controls.

Anyway to make it a short story I need the following: When I enter this procedure and ad Reason = ad Rsn Update if the user answer NO I need to know what is the Undo Update that need to be performed so it bring back the intial record as it was prior to updating.

gowflow In this FREE six-day email course, you'll learn from Janis Griffin, Database Performance Evangelist. That is the object that should have these procedures that you can call.

She'll teach 12 steps that you can use to optimize your queries as much as possible and see measurable results in your work. The easiest way I can think to be able to roll back changes on the entire record is to do a transaction. cel Update method that I found but somehow could not get it to work.

Hello, I am struggling with ADO and unfortunately do not have books around and need your help.

I have a VB6 App that has an ADODC data control with some 15 textboxes bound to that data control.

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Try clicking on the Help or Cancel buttons: No Validate event will fire this time because you set the Causes Validation property for each of these controls to False.

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