Reddit dating website

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Reddit dating website

"I met this guy on Tinder, we texted back and forth for awhile.

One evening i texted him telling him I'd had a rough day and felt really down.

It is not a pissing contest to match her down for down even though misery loves company.

Women look for someone who will comfort them, not compete with them."-Rix Bits12.

So, if she walks through your front door and immediately gets slapped in the face by the malodorous fumes of your piss-ridden toilet and decaying chicken lo mein, she's probably going to leave and never come back. But just as your home can make women retreat in haste and end a budding relationship, so can certain behaviors, which thousands of women described in full detail in a Reddit thread titled: Women of Reddit, what are red flags when it comes to dating men? "I was told that when we started dating, I was to install a GPS program onto my cell so he'd know where I was at all times."He flipped when I told him 'nope,' argued that his last girlfriend did it and that's how he caught her cheating so it was a 'sign of trust.' Got TF out of there immediately."-undonehair2.

"Trying to isolate you from friends or family."-Ezera3333.

But after all the backlash, Reddit only offered this semi-apology: It was an accident."Never date anyone who can't even summon up the decency to be polite to a server, cashier, or other customer service.That'll be you once the honeymoon period is over."-Abaiyachi10.I dated a guy like this, mistakingly taking these remarks as self deprecating jokes because of how they were phrased.Then, when they turn out to be a shitty person, it's not their fault because they 'warned you.'"-yungtulip9.

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"I learned rather early that ' All my exes are crazy' is a gigantic red flag."To have ONE crazy ex is possible..maybe two.chances are..they are ALL crazy, it's not her fault."-Deleted user6. "One of my biggest red flags is when men try to psychoanalyze me on the first few dates, like if they say ' Let me guess, you're one of those girls who...' "This is especially worse if they do it based on how I look. "Men who very regularly 'jokingly' describe themselves as an asshole, dick, etc.

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