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Matiyek's death was the unplanned consequence of a volatile situation which escalated out of control when Mr. Campbell stated in his evidence that he fired the fatal shots because he thought Mr. At the table behind me there were a number of individuals also seated at a round table. - somebody called John Hill "I was raped by Richard Price, Bill Lavoie and Dwight Boyle". There may have been some little old man, because there was a lot of elderly people, who was upstairs at the time who may have been down for a quick drink before he went to bed. If you have got some little old man who was quietly sitting in a corner who is a resident of that hotel and nobody asked him a thing, and some one in off the street, you never know, and he sure isn't going to come forward and say because you know what happens to most people. A.: "He wasn't searching for a copper, he went to a pay phone in front of the hotel to call, looked out the window and there was the cop car on the corner, and then he ran out onto the street." Q.: So you mean he was in the lounge? April 4, 1992 Met Merv at CNE Colliseum Motorcycle Swap meet and show. 80-100 Outlaws - a dozen Loners, Iron Wings, Last Chance - and about 40 BDR's and about a dozen Para-Dice Riders. These are the plates of the three vehicles in which a group of Outlaws departed. * New Witnesses - the ambulance attendants, old nurses at the time might know * Mrs. they had been Choice for years and both of them changed when the Outlaws came up from the East, they were Kingston-based at that time, and there was quite a few of the Kingston Chapter I guess that went with the Outlaws and that was a blow to the Satan's Choice, and so here's Bill, a Golden Hawk, sitting with two Outlaws, ex-Choice members and they were all drunk, I mean they were drunk, they weren't just feeling good, they were drunk. Matiyk came into conflict with the applicants Sauve and Comeau. Campbell was called as a witness by counsel for Mr. Under the protection of section 5 of the Canada Evidence Act, Lorne Campbell testified that he had shot Mr. Matiyek was reaching for a gun and he felt threatened. To my right was a man from Port Hope whose name I cannot recall. Seated to the north of the table behind me was the man who was shot. A glass mug must have been hit because I recall a piece of glass travelling through my hair. Ray: There is a plan of the Lounge, that's where the people were sitting. So you should check that and also let me think now, another long shot you might do, check those people who were resident at the Ganaraska Hotel up the street at the same time, check their Register. A.: "He was in the lobby I believe." Q.: Well there must have been a phone taken out of there since that time because there's no phone in there now. Clelland is 6'2", reddish hair worn in long ponytail; receeding hairline. - Powel has a record, Powell's lawyer attacked the Indian guy on his (? Eleanor Wilson - 885-2925 * Mrs Green * Shirley Hall who became Shirley Elliot. He says he remembers very little and it is a thing he doesn't want to remember. Q.: These guys from the Choice who came in that night?

All of the men were members of the Satan's Choice motorcycle club. October 18, 1991 Had clerk Monica Munn come into the office and do a work-up on the case asking her to learn the file to date (clippings, letters etc.) Gave her batement week to get the book, study the case and try and find Don Avisson who was the official in Kim Campbell's office to hear a statement of Borne Campbell in Clay Ruby's office. October 19, 1991 Called John Hill on the phone and confirmed that he needed: 1) "Proof of false testimony at original trial 2) proof of tampered evidence. Susan Foote is the one who put it on Gary Comeau -- other witnesses ? In the 1970s every day you picked up the paper somebody was arrested from a motorcycle club. A.: They're not usung motorcycles anymore that I can guarantee. A.: "Yea, he was confused with somebody else, now this was all in the book, lets get the book and their names were all in the index I'm quite sure hold on and I'll get the book. " Q.: No I don't, just my notes, I read the book a long time ago you know. Its easier to get drugs in there than cigarettes........ 115 - Nutty was bleeding - I went down John to Augusta then to Bramlea and then to Hwy. His right and his left hand were both in his pocket. I was sitting at a table somewhere in the middle but away from them But still I could see the table. Someone else walked over but BM told the guy to get the fuck away from the table. Q.: Oh I see, that wouldn't have been Randy Koeler would it? A.: Yes, well I mean I was there and everyone that was there that night was questioned. and you did not give a statement at the preliminary hearing right? There were others that weren't called too, so I assumed that the preliminary hearing was to establish whether or not there was enough evidence to go to trial and when they had enough evidence then they no longer needed the rest of us ..Q.: Yea. A.: Well, I mean it wasn't something he flashed around or anything and I certainly didn't see it, but, with all the trouble that he had had, I assumed that he did from what I heard, but like you know he didn't let you know every day that he was packing or anything like that, but I guess if I go back to where I was then, I guess I probably just assumed that he did, at the time...awful lot of people in those days that I wasn't totally aware of that were packing a gun. A.: I don't know Q.: I see, but you were aware that there had been a shooting involving him having a gun?

Cathy Cotgrave - material witness ID'd all accused. Port Hope Julie Joncas - material witness , she conflicted with Stewart Not present at time of shooting. Question re threaatening phone calls, someone shot up Lawrence's car before he was to testify. Susan Foote Cathy Cotgrave married Doug Peart, then separated. Over the past 18 months I have repeatedly urged resolution to this case. The applicants were convicted of murder for their respective roles in the shooting death of Mr. Aselstine (waitress- ), 2 plates for Leo Powell, (Proprietor of The Walton, home-4 Silver Cres. Patterson (529 Birkdale Street, Oshawa), and Frew Farms Limited. October 26, 1991 PM Mick Lowe 705-969-7213 no answer as in repeated earlier attempts. Because you can ask yourself this question, if we saw one weapon in Campbell's hand then that may be the one that did the shooting, if you saw two weapons, who shot of the two, and what did forensic say. Asked Mc Leod if he would take lie-detector test - "yes". (learned later the guy was a Peel Regional Police), his name is Rob, he has black hair, black moustache about 5'10", hair is longish wearing tie and leather coat, he is about 35 or less. So, something is very wrong there in the statement of Joncas and Powell, I mean whatever else they did it had nothing to do with what was going on in the bar. A.: "That it was planned and deliberate." Q.: But the style was just outrageous. - not too sure how many guys came down - doesn't remember Dave - Sam Mc Reelis reminds one of a person who watched too much TV - My Parole Officer was Bill Dunbar Police onetime raided my house - they were all at my house and the phone rang - I answered the phone - it was Julie Joncas she was calling to warn me that police were about to raid my house. I saw her another time at the bar and she said she had overheard it at the bar that police would raid my house. - I was never around Bill Matiyek much - I talked to him sometimes - he dropped up to our place once - had a drink and left - mid 70's. I don't know that they came into the hotel that night realizing that that was going to go down, I don't think probably that that was the case, but... A.: Um, I really don't know, I don't think that they meant to kill him, I think they meant to teach him a lesson, I don't think that if they meant to kill him that they would have staged it in such a manner, they're too sleazy for that, they weren't up front enough to confront someone face to face, they would wait until you walked out to your truck and beat the shit out of you..leave you laying there. A.: They weren't you know, like I said, you know for that many of them to come in and kind of flaunt in everybody's face, you know, so I think it was definitely to be a confrontation but, I mean there was so much involved in that shit, Brian Brideau was the set-up man Q.: He started the whole thing eh?

Based on early intake notes, we are to try to assemble cooperative members of the group of co-accused and commence an investigation to determine if there is suitable argument to bring suggesting a miscarriage of justice in the Regina vs Mc Leod matter ACCUSED Gary Comeau "Nutty", Life /25 Rick Sauve Life/25 Jeff Mc Leod 2nd degree/10 years Larry Hurren "Beaver", 2nd degree/10 years Armand Sanguigni NOT Guilty Gordon Van Harlem "Dogmap" NOT Guilty (Murray) Merv Blaker "Indian" 10 years David Hoffman "Tee Hee" 4.5 years KITCHENER WIRE TAP EVIDENCE Hoffman later proved he was not present on Oct.18, 1978 at the Queens but pleaded guilty to accessory after the fact. LAWYERS (1) Comeau (2) Sauve TRIAL; (1) Howard Kerbel - Toronto Bruce Affleck - Oshawa David Newman - Toronto Bernard Cugelman - Peterborough John Rosen - Toronto (2) Jack Grosman - Toronto Terry O'Hara - Kingston Gordon Ebbs - Peterborough Edward Martin - HOFFMAN CROWN'S Chris Meinhardt - Lindsey Roland Harris - Cobourg P. Joe Bastos LAWYERS (1) Comeau (2) Sauve (1) Ross Mc Kay - Toronto Eddie Greenspan - Toronto Clayton Ruby - Toronto (2) Alan Gold - Toronto Terry O'Hara - Kingston Brian Greenspan - Toronto JUDGES Justice Coulter Osborne (Cambridge, Ont.) APPEAL Justice Jessup Justice Arnup Justice Morden 1979 -- WITNESSES Sharon Brown Cheryl Nastuk Douglas Peart Jack Sunmore Peter Murdoch Peter La Brash Gary Fox Cathy Fair James Castinette Jerry Meretsky Randy Koehler - Enmity Background on fights and rivalry Matiyek/CHOICE William Godwin - Enmity Evidence Former Pres. Helen Mitchell - ID'd Van Harlem (Gordon) Susan Foote - material witness Rod Stewart - Matiyek phone call Gail Thompson - ID'd Comeau as trigger man. Carol Hunter is Julie Joncas's mother - Julie married Leo Powell. Susan Smith Bill Wyatt Richard Sauve Cranberry Road R. Warren Allmand and Sven Robinson, over the amount of time it is taking the Minister to reach a decision balanced by the very serious questions concerning the integrity of the case and the public perception of injustice, both nationally and internationally. I wish to extend to you my appreciation for the assistance provided. Outside the bar I got 5 plates including that of Sylvia D. I came home from work one day in January and three police were in Gary's room. "Would you sit at a table next to a person you knew was about to be shot? It was a jury trial wasn't it, in London, that's right, I didn't cover the trial because it wasn't in my jurisdiction. But the question is, you know there's a very interesting fact when you think about this, the few seconds that the group was surrounding Matiyek, how many guns were in view, how did the Satan's Choice group that is Sauve, Comeau and their friends intimidate Matiyek, did they show a weapon, and did anybody see a weapon in Campbell's hand, in other words, was there any point here when there were two weapons in sight, did anyone see two weapons? charge of prisoners told accused after '79 verdit "you were screwed". A.: "Which would have been the next morning, right? A.: "Which matches Stewart's own testimony, that he lept over chairs and tables to get to Matiyek as soon as everybody cleared and asked waitresses for towels, which towels I have a picture taken at the crime scene, bloody towels on the floor." Q.: Something else we've done, we've photographed from the air and from the ground from every conceivable way the trip between the bar and the police station and are absolutely perplexed at how Julie Joncas and Leo Powell could have left in the time that they did, gone to the police station and not stirred a response until ll:06 when apparently a call was put through to Wilson. Q.: Wilson was, his l0-28 was very close, he got a call at ll:06 on the radio from communications and he was intending to go direct to the police station, I'm not too sure of the nature of the call, we can through the access of information act I think grab the communication, but we actually have another way of doing that, I can't talk about it on the telephone but we have an insider. of their arrival, which is a deathly fact against the defendants. (14) Fred Jones (15) Gary Comeau (16) How many guys came down from Toronto? A.: Well, any of them that were Satan's Choice as far as I'm concerned were involved in the murder.

Subsequently, the conviction of one man was overturned. There is a defence committee set up to raise funds for Comeau/Sauve and it was asked to send all available materials including media clippings, letters etc. October 10, 1991 Following a telephone conversation with John Hill I wrote to him and explained that we: 1) understood Campbell's political dilemma in the 690 plea for clemency; and 2) we would be willing to help in the gathering of new evidence. She said she had heard that the Satan's Choice had spoken words to the effect that they had to "do" Matiyek. Ray: Mick Lowe, he lives on the Vermillion River, that's north of Sudbury, now Sudbury when I was up there, as I say it's been 10 years or so, the Choice were running the drug trade like you wouldn't believe. O'BRIEN: Guindon was trying to take over the conversation at all times? A.: "Yep, yep he is one of the reasons why a lot of people feel that this was not planned and deliberate." Q.: There is a thousand and one reasons to believe that. And that would be about two hours after you arrived? - I was back in the shuffleboard room - I was shooting shuffleboard - I heard shots, guys came running past me - Kathy did good - Everybody - Sauve and Blaker good guys and just wanted to hang out with.. (17) He doesn't remember seeing Dave Hills that night (18) He was vague about where he was (19) There were 20 SCMC (20) "They should have thrown anyone they identified into jail" Hates Choice (21) Peart's hands were shaking the whole time. It would be dumb, I wouldn't do it, there's no mileage in something like that. Apart from that no drugs I don't do them - they tried that you know. You know Dave Hills, the bartender, I know Dave I've been over to his place when I've gone on these Indian ...(? You know what the story is, there's a big drug deal that goes on there and the Satan's Choice boys weren't welcome in it. You were identified for the public record at the trial and there are sufficient things there, but you know as far as that's concerned your..

In 1980, six men were convicted of conspiracy to murder. Mc Reelis went to his place on drug warrant and took nude picture of his wife. Mc Reelis also upset when as a young cop he was told not to intervene. Also contacted Warren Allemand's office and spoke to Pat Zakaib she was supportive but we drew a blank on real info. N8X 3A6 The first letter she wrote us a few years ago. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- October 29, 1991 AM to AM Mick Lowe A lady wrote to say that her sister had been raped. The "fact fucker" statement was given to police to Wilson or Mc Reelis. Gillespie was supposed to be a live witness but he was not at the lineup. Ray: No A.: Well you should get a hold of him, the last I heard of him the Globe and Mail, because I was a writer for them during those years, at the time that he published that book I believe the author was living in Sudbury or North Bay, I don't know if he's still there or not but I would suggest you get a hold of him and of course there must be a list of people too in the bibliography that you can get a hold of. AVISSON: I think from everyone came the indication that there may have been other individuals there that were being protected. Now I don't know if that was for any particular adverse purpose. He looks like a real square-shooting citizen, you know what I mean. That would be about or thereabouts in the morning? Interview at Peart's home March 29 -- PM - There are certain individuals I couldn't have talk about it - no yelling before he was shot - Matiyek first - arrived with Gillespie - I wasn't called - I could only identify two people, Blaker and Sauve - I heard the shots - there was screaming, some guys went out back door - I went to front - went and phoned ambulance and police - phoned from front door and went around back, outside - Rod Stewart was attending body - went to Sue Foote's place with Kathy after the shooting - Don't remember who went to Sue Foote's place - You might want to look into - "Did I go to the police station" - Dave and I went to police station at about - Rod Stewart was tending to the body Rumour: A guy who got off was a real bad guy. - I wasn't a close friend of Bill's - a big guy who liked motorcycles. I borrowed the money from a bank in Cobourg to keep the keyboard. (12) The accepted the offer for Kathy (13) He said Choice still walked around town afterwards showing their colours (14) He didn't see Helen Mitchell at the bar (15) He was at the shuffleboard and there were a few people around him (16) He ID'd Blaker and Sauve on the 19th. I've never threatened him, I wouldn't do that, I wouldn't be that damned stupid to trust him. I have my firearms back and I've had a hell of a time keeping them believe me and I'm constantly being stopped now, so I have to watch what I do and keep it in a fine line. A.: Oh yes, there was an impaired and the Mc Reelis thing, and believe it or not I got 3 months for killing the god-damned Doberman next door. You know the old saying I wouldn't bury them with your shovel. One time I was in there and a couple of big fellows came in and Neil asked Bill to come over and back him up, now they looked like collector type or whatever, with their big, long coats, it was something heavy whatever it was and Bill was acting with Neil like buddy-buddy you know and I think he gave him the gun more for that, to protect Neil, but I don't know, didn't want to know. A.: Yes, I was there and the two guys said what they'd do to Matiyek or something....they were going to come back and see Neil when Bill wasn't around, so whatever was going on there. A.: Oh yea, it's through the whole system, there's a pick up goes on out here, out in Bewdey here and I've seen, like these people don't just come out here to drive around, they're not out here on a business trip or visiting relatives, it's a pick up, and I've seen two different guys like one guy in Dave's car, actually there's three that I know of and I'm pretty sure that's what they're up to but I can't swear to it. A.: (can not hear this answer) Q.: How did he have a conflict? drugs with Choice Q.: Oh, I see, that's interesting eh. Q.: Um, no we didn't have any difficulty finding you, we just used our computers per se.

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Matiyek after approaching the table where Matiyek was seated with Mr. He further stated that he had not planned to kill Mr. Campbell had a gun in his possession, when he came to the Queen's Hotel on the evening of October 18, 1978. 6, 1959 Q.: What can you tell me about the events that happened in the Queen's Hotel in Port Hope the night Bill Matiyek was killed? I happened to be in Port Hope that evening selling stolen business equipment. To his left was seated an individual I have later suspected to be Gary Comeau. That gave me the cue to look around at which time I saw two men in green Ontario Hydro parkas one on each side of another man who was holding what appeared to be a revolver. The man who was killed fell forward and I was caught up in the rush to the exit. Now they are also permanent roomers too, but they must have a list of them for that time, I'm sure it's illegal if they don't, because a lot of those guys will go from hotel to hotel in other words those who stayed at the Ganny could have gone down to the Walton that night and just gone back to his room. said he was checking out a complaint that I was looking at Real Estate sign with a flashlight. A.: "I have 'Rick Galbraith was fumbling with a phone in the lobby when he spotted a cruiser through a lobby window..ran onto the street waving his arms, it was ll:08 when Constables Kenneth Wilson and David Mac Donald entered the bar'." Q.: What time did you put that at? They may have told another constable of this who in turn told me. Two rings on left hand including wedding ring, pierced left ear, fairly slim - 185 lbs. Shirley Hall was Larry Halls' first wife, he or she might know who were ambulance attendants. He says he gave a statement to police and that, insofar as he was concerned, was sufficient. Nobody was aware that this guy Matiyek was carrying till we got there. A.: No, Bill and Fred, they were sitting in there for the day I guess, most of the afternoon, they were in there when I came to work...they were already two sheets to the wind for the sure; no the Choice, the Choice didn't appear to be drunk, they weren't unruly, they weren't loud, they weren't obnoxious, there was just an awful lot of them and they were, it was almost methodical, you know when I think of it now it was almost methodical the way that it happened, they just kind of totally encased the whole hotel and then what happened to trigger the event itself I don't know, other than there was a conflict at the table and Sauve was at the table and what's her name, Jamie Hanna and; but what made them, I don't know, it was like I say it was very methodical, they all came in kind of at the same time and they all went to very strategic points in the hotel, the telephone, the bar, the back door, the cigarette machine, the pool room, the front door, the side door, you know they went and sat at tables but most of them just kind of milled around you know....I got the feeling we were totally encased with them, they were outside of the whole hotel kind of thing you know. investigator he spoke to - Sam, Mac Donald and Wilson on the scene - Moore offered several times toget CIB involved byut Sam said no - have we talked to Jim Moore? in PQ and then went to Toronto to study fingerprint technology - Caplan was charged for giving Matiyek the gun - when Jim Moore and Bill Wakeley went back to the station Wilson and Mc Reelis were interviewing - day of funeral Don Davis went with cameras to take pics * - Tim Austin was driving that night - did he/they see Sam come in tht night - Bill got shit from Meinhardt for not having words cut out Clear (1) Tim Austin was driver (2) Mrs.

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