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Parent guide to teenage dating

The hard reality is that you can't always fix things for your kids.You can only try to give them the skills and support that set the foundation for doing it themselves.Q: How can I tell if my teen might want to talk to me?Anytime your teenager wants to talk to you, drop everything and pay attention.

Second, you want to give your child realistic strategies for confronting the problem effectively.

Never tell your teen you want to talk in from of other people, except perhaps your child's other parent or guardian.

Take your child out to a coffee shop or for a drive, away from siblings and distractions for both of you.

Watch for signs of your teen wanting to talk, such as if your teen hangs around where you are but doesn't necessarily say anything, or if your teen says he or she doesn't feel well but there doesn't seem to be anything physically wrong.

Notice if your teen tries to get you alone, away from others—for example, if he or she volunteers to drive somewhere with you in the car.

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A healthy relationship is also one in which you would not hurt the other person emotionally, physically or sexually.

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