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In Episode 40 shown last night, Min Hye Rin who was supposed to have romantic entanglements with the two brothers, Lee Dong Wook and Dong Chul, leaves for America where she will be stationed as an overseas news correspondent.This effectively marks the departure of Lee Da Hae. (both of them laughing together) DH: hei there are cameras around us..( still laughing) Q3 MC: wat's ur deepest impression of the MG mainpage? Thank you for not having any disagreements during the filming proccess. Words on screen:[Cute Transformation – Lee Da Hae]Words on Screen:[‘2’ Hotel]MC: To further ado, let’s interview her. Remember to stay healthy, I hope we can cooperate again in the future to produce an as good drama. Now that it is over, we shall go have a cup of tea like we always say. The elder sister that is always played by jokes from me!! MC: A change of role: From a weepy & emotional role transferring to delightful & cute character, how’s the outcome? Even though I cannot thank every single person, I can feel it in my heart. Now there's not much time until the finale airs After the broadcast, I am no longer Gong Chan. This is Lee Da Hae.: It’s been a long time since we have met. ]LDH: I’m playing a girl by the name of Joo Yoo-rin, Words on screen:[Cute swindler Joo Yoo-rin]: A cute swindler & with some skills in lying.: Always knows how to benefit her.: But she has a cute character. DW: the 2000 compilation pic of myself, OUR LOVE MV( GC and YR/LDH and LDW? I frequently go through the jokes in the drama for pleasure ... Dong Wook and Dong Wook's character, Gong Chan, is extremely loved... I thought it would be hard to write this but I have smoothly finished this speech. LDH: How do you do everyone watching Live Entertainment?

KBS Boys Before Flowers continued its impressive run with a rating of 21.4%, its highest rating thus far and its 4th consecutive increase.Before leaving for America, Hye Rin bidded farewell to her ex-boyfriend, Lee Dong Wook and also her parents (she doesn’t even get a airport farewell scene).Hye Rin felt that she had lost her way as a reporter after being caught in the sticky cobweb of government politics and wanted a new enviroment to rediscover herself.This week, it was Myung Hoon’s mother, from the previews for next week, it’s Dong Chul’s mother turn.And it’s funny how they love to use the kidnap move every now and then as a threat, I have lost count on how many times they have used this.

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But still, she has showed us her outstanding acting”, “It must be really hard on her during this period of time, hope that we can see an even better Lee Da Hye in future.” Hwang Jung Eum, former member of girl group Sugar will make her entry next Monday as Lee Da Hye’s replacement.