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Kay guitar dating

Established in 1892, one of the largest manufacturers of student guitars rivaled only by the likes of Kay, they produced countless numbers of instruments.

Surviving up until the time the import manufacturers took over the market, Harmonys were everywhere.

When the guitar boom of the 60's happened, the guitars got simpler and more mass-produced.At this time they were America's only large-scale violin manufacture.After giving up violin making for 19 years they began again in 1938 to fill the need of the student violinists.After all, they were making an average of 1000 instruments per day, during this period. The detailing on the headstock on the Patrician went from an ornate red, white and blue to a simpler plain graphic.The earlier guitars had some inlay on the headstock, while later it appears most decoration was stenciled.

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Their baritone ukes and tenor guitars still show up as unplayed cast offs from the main stream of instruments.