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Josie maran dating

Keep reading for a breakdown of which beauty products you should toss this spring. Trade in your heavy cleanser for a gel formula Your oil and sweat are about to put in some earnest hours now that we’re in the full swing of the sun, so you’ll want to combat those elements effectively.Replace your creams and milks with lighter and more soothing formulas such as gels that will leave a nourishing film on your skin upon contact.The real challenge to the average consumer is the current level of change in the cosmetics and skincare industry.Many new chemistries and blends are [being developed], and each can have its own individual challenges with shelf life.So while we know that you’re going to have a hard time ditching some of your beloved beauty buys, it’s only for the best.The simplest step is to get rid of what you’re not using.

Those powder-based products, such as shadows and blushes, can stay stocked in your makeup bag for quite some time. Brei points out that “since powders have no water added, they have a long shelf life measured in years.

Lipsticks and lip glosses That lip gloss you’ve been using since high school needed to be tossed a year after purchase (sorry!

), while your go-to lipstick can stay put in your makeup kit for up to two years.

Keep only what you would consider part of your permanent rotation and find good, loving homes for the rest.

Not only will this free up some valuable vanity real estate, but you’ll feel better about streamlining your top shelf.

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It’s finally time to trade up and toss out some of your vanity’s most guarded treasures.

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