Importing updating between access and excel

Posted by / 25-Mar-2018 18:56

Importing updating between access and excel

A couple of weeks ago, I was reorganizing all the rooms in my Revit model.The room numbers and departments were shifting around and I needed to update all the rooms to reflect the new organization. It’s not an exciting task but it had to get done so I rolled up my sleeves and got to work.Press and hold the control key and then click the dividing line between the column headings (ie between A B, B C etc ) to get a visual indication.

To export the data, first make the schedule your active view. Use an add-in I’ve written about Revit add-ins in a previous post.

Dynamo has full access to the Revit API so it’s a good alternative to writing macros or add-ins.

Dynamo is open-source so you can download it for for free.

@chris_bottomley: That's an excellent idea, I tried this but the Range.

Left property returns a value with same unit as cell width, not in centimeters but depending on default font.

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@rorya: I'm working on a project where I export specific values of a worksheet into an ASCII file, and I need the values of cell widths in centimeters to use it in other custom programs.