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The Labor Government baulked at all recommendations that required legislative reform.The research in this document clearly show that compromises can be achieved that meet the needs of sex workers and non-sex workers.

Articles and Links of Interest An Open Letter to Tom Meagher from St Kilda Street Based Sex Workers.

Safe Houses: Safe houses have existed in one form or another historically in Kings Cross and enable street based sex workers access to a safe and clean working space where they can take their client.

The room with shower facilities and safe sex equipment is often paid for by the half hour or hour at a nominal fee.

In fact many street based workers speak of choosing this style of sex work because it allows us a level of freedom of working hours and times not available to brothel workers.

Street based sex work also allows workers greater flexibility and choice in what services we are going to offer and control over our work practices.

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Representations of sex worker identity also expose complex spatial and social geographies and evolving processes of marginalisation and exclusion.

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