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Actress Helena Bonham Carter has played his mother three times: in his first film Women Talking Dirty (1999), his most famous role Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), and (as his stepmother) in the BBC film Toast (2010).Finding Neverland (2004) director Marc Forster decided to schedule one of Highmore's toughest scenes (where he tears up a book and demolishes a playhouse) on his second day of filming, deliberately so other cast members could see the child act and change their attitude towards working with him.The film will also star Tony Cavalero, Booboo Stewart, Brec Bassinger, Brenna D’Amico, and Brian Huskey.

Kunyansky has appeared in a number of Breslin’s Instagram pics.

August Rush, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Spiderwick Chronicles, The Art of Getting By, Finding Neverland, Astro Boy, A Good Year, The Golden Compass, Arthur and the Invisibles, Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard, Two Brothers, Five Children and It, Women Talking Dirty, Justin and the Kni...[Talking about being treated like an adult] That was really important for me, although I think I am a bit more mature than some kids my age because I've spent more time with adults. I play video games, but not as much as Mike Teavee [the video-game addict in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)]. The voice of 'Pantalaimon' in The Golden Compass (2007) was originally recorded by an adult actor but the filmmakers decided it made the character sound too old, so they cast Freddie instead.

And I haven't grown my hair over my eyes or anything. 'Pantalaimon' was originally going to be voiced by his co-star from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), Adam Godley.

Recently, Highmore has been busy filming his latest TV series .

In an interview with EW recently, the actor said, “The thing that I find really compelling about this show is how he has real limitations, but those limitations won’t stop him.

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Freddie Highmore & Abigail Breslin: Fast 5 Facts You Need to Know " data-medium-file="https://i0com/ fit=635,358" class=" wp-image-11292" src="https://i2com/ resize=476,268" alt="Freddie Highmore & Abigail Breslin: Fast 5 Facts You Need to Know" width="476" height="268" srcset="https://i0com/ Be that as it may, would they say they are really dating each other?