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Whenever he expressed affection, it made women feel FEAR. You do it again and again until she becomes emotionally addicted to you. Being direct and honest with women has blown up in your face so many times in the past. On the other hand, when you use Fractionation on a woman, she responds not with FEAR… And when she’s motivated by desire, she’s much more likely to say “Yes” to you. In a moment, I’ll give you two simple examples of how to use Fractionation in your interactions with women…And as a result, they were much more likely to say “No” to him. Fractionation is what makes TV shows like , by the way.) But let’s say you use it to make a girl fall madly in love with you. If you keep doing it, it’s only going to keep getting you rejected and embarrassed. For now, sign up for my free Mind Control Masterclass while it’s still up.On the other hand, if you’re tired of getting rejected and being single for years… Fractionation is both easy, and very complicated and subtle. Fractionation can be used to take any normal progression of emotions and significantly accelerate them. It’s not used only in dating and seduction, it’s used any time a series of emotions are put together in a series or sequence.This is exactly why showing the girl of your dreams a three-hour Power Point presentation on your first date is the worst idea ever. So before you learn about fractionation and how to use it, you’ve got to understand that getting a girl to open up to you is going to require you being able to create the right emotions in the right order. But you can’t accelerate what you can’t do or understand. Luckily, even if this is your first time even thinking about the subject, I’ve got your back. Read this entire post, memorize the structure and the scripts, and you’ll be getting laid in no time. The first time they came to see him, they were a bit reluctant on going deeply into trance.This is why guys wear cologne, wear trendy clothes, and show up with flowers and chocolates. Most women need a while to get used to the idea of having sex with you. We look at a girl and know within a couple nanoseconds of she’s good enough. But each successive visit, they got deeper and deeper.Miles is one of the many great guys out there – honest, successful, and loyal.He has nothing but the best intentions for the women he meets and dates.

However, it is not as common as, say, pickup artist (or PUA) techniques for a couple of reasons.

Even if you’ve just met her, and you are the most persuasive player since Casanova himself, she still needs to feel it. Unless she’s a hooker you picked up downtown, she’s going to need to feel several emotions in the right sequence, or else it ain’t happening. So what he did was try to create that same effect, but inside of one single session. In that very first hour, he hypnotized them for ten minutes and then brought them back out. He took his patients, which normally took five or six sessions to go really deep, and got them to go that deep after only one session.

Instead of hypnotizing them an hour, and getting them to come back a week later, and then hypnotize them for another hour, etc. Then he hypnotized them for another ten minute, and then brought them back up. He did it by putting them in, and bringing them out, several times.

Just click on the link below to jump right in: If you’re still leery about making women emotionally addicted to you, that’s fine.

You can continue being direct and logical with women, and hope you get lucky once in a while.

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Well, it’s because most want a silver bullet when it comes to be successful with women.

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