Dating too young

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This was not atypical of young people in the 1940’s.

Due to the invention of television, and other factors, teen culture began to emerge in the 1950’s.

While I was not allowed to go out alone with boys at that age, I found ways to still spend a lot of time with the boy I liked whether through friends, youth group activities, or through hours on the telephone.

Sometimes I broke up with them and sometimes they broke up with me, but I moved through a number of short term relationships between ages 12 and 21.

But it does come, and when it comes, it stays for the rest of your life.

If you are reading this and you are not ready to make a marital commitment, consider waiting to date until you are ready to make such a commitment and explore what life has to offer.

This is not to say that you cannot have members of the opposite sex in your life, but spend time with them in groups – in fact, it is good for you to do so in order to learn to relate to members of the opposite sex.

The 1950’s marked the start of what we might call “teen culture.” Prior to the 1950’s, people were classified into the dichotomy of children and adults.

Children were taught trades and homemaking skills so that they were ready for adulthood responsibilities when they were older.

Marriage also often occurred at earlier ages (most of your grandparents were probably married before the age of 20).

So, before the 1950’s, there was about a 2-3 year window between when a person started dating/courting and when they usually became married.

Now there is a 10-15 year window between when a person usually starts dating and when they typically marry.

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It seemed like I’d never be old enough to get married and it’s all I wanted to think about.