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They just dismiss it as "you dont know what youre talking about cuz youre not us".

So stuff like bullying, hazing and harassment is like "OK" over there 'cause it strengthens their bond with one another; or not.

This trope would probably fit (the fictional) Don Juan better.

All of these recent sexual harassment/abuse scandals in Hollywood (Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, etc.) made me start thinking about what would happen if some major media outlet decided to start digging around into WWE's dirty laundry. I dunno, just something I was thinking about when I should have been writing the Rewinds instead. That kind of humor was still socially acceptable back then, even among people like us who were actually pretty accepting of homosexuality.

Sometimes comic, sometimes a monster, always successful, this character leaves behind a string of broken hearts, and occasional vows of revenge that are rarely fulfilled.Some of it from Vince Mc Mahon himself and things from other wrestlers on Mc Mahon's watch that were swept under the rug. The thing that's really gross is it seems like JBL liked to have fun in the showers with the new hires in general.And I'm only talking about the sexual stuff, this doesn't even scratch the surface of other controversies like the drugs or the Snuka case or any of that. Of course, it's important to remember that most of these are only alleged and so much time has passed on a lot of them that it would be hard to prove a lot of it. Edge had an interview where he casually stated that JBL felt him up in the shower and played it off as a funny joke.There was that story that I liked felt up Steve Blackman. Every time another wrestler on the roster stepped up to him, JBL either backed down or got his ass kicked. Way I heard it was Blackman was about to severely cripple/injure JBL until Blackman tripped over a piece of luggage, giving him a second to reconsider that killing JBL might not be the best thing to do.There's still that zealot mentality that makes them immune to any kind of criticism.

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  1. The scattered distribution across the animal phylogeny indicates that alternative forms of gender expression are rather flexible and may be repeatedly gained and lost across evolutionary time scales. [free full text] The bulk of our research aims at understanding how sexual selection shapes the evolution and expression of hermaphrodite mating strategies (and beyond).

  2. My surgeons are shocked I’m dancing – I bumped into one of my nurses recently and she said, ‘Don’t tell the other shunt patients, we don’t want them all having a go!