Dating service graphs

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Dating service graphs

Or easily override any textual prompt with your own translation.Update data, size or just about any other configuration variable dynamically, without reloading the page. Control the widths, open and close values, apply coloring based on value thresholds or changes, recalculate the values automatically. Plot your time-based data on a natural date or time scale, at a granularity down to milliseconds.

Katz avoids the mainstream dating press releases, instead focusing on providing advice to his readers on a myriad of dating and relationship topics.

Zoom and pan using cursor, scrollbar or touch gestures.

Reduce the charts to complete minimal configuration to produce tiny but usable micro charts by disabling a few components like axes, legends and margins.

I find Brooks' ability to pick up stories before the rest of the dating bloggers do to be refreshing, although most of the time the posts are merely quick re-hashings of other blogger posts.

Still, it's a great place to visit if you want to stay on top of the dating business in a succint format.

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