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Everytime he goes into 'recovery' he is so sure it's for good, but there is always a next time for him. Now having said all this, I wish the very best for you, I truly do.I hope you can avoid the pain and suffering that I, and so many others have endured - with whichever you decide.I would like to get their input and see how he "reacts" for lack of a better word. I just feel like it needs just a little more information added, and some very "intimate" conversation. I was glad that he told me but I wish that I knew what I was really getting myself into. It only lasted 4 good months before all hell broke loose but he never took a drink but his attitude was starting to go down. After we broke up from the house, we thought that we could try again by dating but somewhere in there he started to blame me for him being alone when he was the one who left me.Like I said, in addition to have a very indepth conversation about his recovery. He started off being the most kindest man that I met and we got a chance to know each other and I was set for life. Then he started blaming me for the time that we wasn't spending so much of.Now he wanted all of my time, he wanted to know what I was doing, and all of the doing has to be with him.

You cannot make something work that never had a chance in the first place. marrying a 'recovering' alcoholic, after all her previous heartache... I'd have been spared years of torment and hardship..fact I'd have been a wealthy woman by now...looking forward to a rich and rewarding retirement... No sense in looking backwards and being left with 'if only's'... For me, alcoholic psychopaths are by far the worst destroyers of life. I am going to be seeing him this weekend to discuss some "specifics" about his recovery and his life in general.Hi, I hope to be thankful for the use of this site. I am in a new relationship; only 2 months and I am confused as to what to do. Monetarily I believe him also to be struggling a bit. We have chemistry and I enjoy spending time with him. Is a year and a half enough to really have a grip on things?The man I am dating is a recovering alcoholic, drug user. He recently completed his "third" attempt at sobriety. I guess I am trying to figure out do I stay in this very new relationship, with all feelings that I have right now? Also I have a tendency to become the "nurturing parent" type.Once in his mid twenties, once in early thirties, and his final recovery attempt a year and a half ago. A very kind individual, with what I believe to be wholesome good values, a big heart and very sensitive. I am a child from an alcohol upbringing and have worked very hard to overcome my demons. He is trying to cultivate a real estate business, which is slow right now, and still keep a steady job in the film and motion picture industry, which requires long hours and travel.

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Now, I just need to learn to practice what I preach! TJF, You are getting very good advise here, go with your gut.