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To prepare for the trick, he practiced in a neighbor's backyard swimming pool next to his mother's house in East Meadow, New York.

Prior to the performance he had only managed to spend 12 consecutive hours in the water.

He has said, "If somebody's doing that for entertainment purposes, that's one thing.

But if they claim to be communicating with the dead, I don't care if they're from my hometown, I don't care if they're my family members: I'll expose them and tell them what they really are." In August 2002, Angel spent 24 hours shackled underwater in a phone booth-sized water torture cell near the WWE entertainment store in New York's Times Square, WWE corporation being the owners of the World Underground Theatre where Angel had been performing his stage show.

Barker said of Angel in the mid-1990s that, "Criss Angel is extraordinary, a spectacular mix of visionary magic.

This is the future, and it can’t come quickly enough." During that year, he collaborated with musician Klayton to form Angeldust, a show that combined magic with music.

Also that year, Angel performed a ten-minute show over the course of the "World of Illusion" conference in Madison Square Garden, performing sixty shows per day.In 1995, Barker asked Angel to work with him on his film Lord of Illusions.He also later recorded the intro to Angel's album World of Illusion: System One.Under cover, Angel apparently escaped from the shackles that bound his arms, legs and neck, before pulling himself from the watery chamber with a celebratory scream." Upon successfully completing the trick, he was described as having "skin crinkled and his eyes bloodshot", and upon emerging from the tank he was taken to St.Clare's Hospital and treated for severe dehydration.

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He also authored the book Mindfreak: Secret Revelations.

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