Consolidating company pensions what is the percentage of online dating marriages

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Consolidating company pensions

Some fund selections need to be reviewed from time to time to maintain the balance of your portfolio.It is also possible that the amount of risk you’re prepared to take could change over time, for example if your financial situation changes, or as you get nearer to retirement.

If you want to transfer any investments to your SIPP please provide details on the transfer form.

Some pensions may apply a penalty when you transfer out.

These can be significant – sometimes several thousand pounds (depending on the size of your fund) so it’s important to check if one applies in your case.

If you currently have several pensions and are looking to put them into one new pension, make sure you’re aware of any costs.

If you’re taking advice your adviser should be able to explain them to you.

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If you use an adviser they will need to be clear about what fee they will charge, whether it’s for one-off or ongoing advice.