Business men online dating saudi arabia com

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Business men online dating saudi arabia com

Relocation and repatriation airfare are typically provided by the employer. works with the hospital to arrange your flight from your point-of-hire to the city where you will be working. Nor, for logistical reasons, can the hospital honor requests to fly specific airlines, or accommodate requests for additional or extended stops on your way to Saudi Arabia.

There is no income tax deducted in Saudi Arabia, and there is no sales tax.

People leave the compound to work, shop, visit friends who live on other compounds, attend cultural events (e.g., concerts at embassies), dine out, go sightseeing, etc.

Cutlery, dishes, pots, pans, a kettle, and toaster come with the apartment, as do basic appliances such as a fridge and stove.

The hospital will provide any medical treatment and emergency dental procedures you require.

In most cases, you will not be covered for basic dental care.

Physicians and most senior administrative positions are entitled to non-shared housing.People on married-status contracts who are not in shared housing expenses and arrangements for its transportation to Saudi Arabia and any damages the pet may cause.Most expatriate staff live in housing on the hospital grounds, or in a private housing complex (commonly called a "compound").A compound is an area of private property that is similar to a gated community. Some will have only the residential facilities, while others will have pools, fitness facilities, tennis courts, salons, and grocery stores.Like a gated community, you're free to come and go as you please (bear in mind, however, that some compounds have late-night curfews).

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Also, if you leave the city to go on vacation or for a day trip, you will not be covered for any medical treatment.

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