5 steps guide to online dating mark smith kenny chesney and gretchen wilson dating

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5 steps guide to online dating mark smith

Now that you’ve been eating like a predator for some time, you are discovering that when you eat like a predator, and play like a predator, And nothing is more important than being able to trust your packmates, so it’s time to cut loose all the leeches, layabouts, whiners, and malcontents—and it’s long past time to start valuing the solid, dependable people whom you can trust.

You will stop giving your time, love, and strength to those that demand it, and start giving it to , because you understand that our real enemies are the predators who hoard this knowledge for themselves, the predators who profit so handsomely from our fear and ignorance—and from our indiscriminate love, whose endgame is the crazy cat lady dead in her condemned house, corpse devoured by the creatures she fed in life.

” Here it is: a step-by-step guide, roughly in order of importance. Don’t stress about perfect adherence, or obsess about making it all the way down the list: any progress you make will most likely improve your health, mood, and physical fitness.

“Do not eat” items are grouped with “Eat more” items at each step, so you’ll always have something to eat. You’ve just made some massive, positive changes in your life.

You are beginning to understand what it feels like to be a predator, instead of the prey you’ve been for so long. Now that you’re sleek, powerful, and dangerous, you’re feeling quite satisfied with yourself.

Now clear those frozen pizzas and Weight Watchers out of your freezer and give them to your fat neighbor, because you are going to the supermarket And you will take a shopping cart, not one of those demure little baskets, because you are going to fill it with heavy, fatty, delicious MEAT. JS (Your next step is to read my “Paleo Starter Kit”, so you’ll know what to do with all that meat.) grains and grain products are what’s making us fat, saturated fat is good for you, and cholesterol has been framed for crimes it didn’t commit.

Tom Naughton’s “Big Fat Fiasco” (also on youtube) handily debunks these myths, but the science would fill an entire book. (I review it here.) For more books that explore ‘paleo’ in depth—and the science and philosophy underlying it—visit my Recommended Reading list. Moving on, you can get inspired by Melicious’ tasty list of paleo recipes, and the endlessly mouthwatering photos and recipes at Chowstalker.

You’re no longer shuffling through life like a wounded gazelle, expecting the jaws of death on its neck at any moment.

You are becoming less tasty and more dangerous each day.

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In other words, your body is finally—perhaps for the first time—beginning to function as it should.

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